Our Philosophy

Minyama Early Learning Centre’s philosophy identifies and recognises the importance behind holistic learning experiences based on a safe and nurturing environment. We offer the children in our care the highest level of learning opportunities and ensure this through having skilled, knowledgeable and passionate educators.

Children are valued at Minyama Early learning centre for their inspiring imagination and resourcefulness

  •  We believe play in an important aspect to all children’s development and all children have the right to play.
  • We believe children are unique individuals who develop in individual ways.
  • We believe all children should be provided with equal opportunities throughout their days to develop the domains of learning.
  • Our children have an environment that reflects aspects of the home which allows them along with our families, educators and visitors to feel comfortable within the surroundings.

Families are valued for their relationships and their passion towards caring for their children and commitment to their lives.

  • Our families are one key element to our centres community where their partnership is of utmost importance
  • We encourage and support our families to become our lead ambassadors of our centres community.

Our educators are valued for their inspirational thoughts and values along with their ongoing commitment and contribution of skills and passion.

  • We believe in providing all educators with the best opportunities in professional development and the ongoing commitment to providing the best for everyone.
  • We are committed to inspiring our team regularly through leadership meetings.

Our community is valued for the opportunities to learn from others and venture into the wild regularly.

  • We aim to use the community as a key partner in our service where we encourage families, educators and children to penetrate their values to the wider areas of Kawana Waters.
  • We aim to encourage the children in our care and of the future to become responsible partners in environmental awareness and sustainability.

We encourage our small community to become more aware of the local Indigenous community; the Gubbi Gubbi people, where our educators embed these cultural aspects into their daily programs.